I want to say #GazelYeah!

We love unstuffy, impromptu, unforgettable moments with friends.
When someone suggests one, we say #GazelYeah!

Saying #GazelYeah
is saying yes to
spur-of-the-moment fun.

A marca

Whether you’re meeting friends for a spontaneous picnic in the park, heading to a cabin for the weekend or putting on a last-minute dinner party with your neighbors, Gazela is there to help you SEIZE THE VERDE™.

It’s refreshing, affordable, and best served with friends. Everything a wine should be.

A marca

Cool, but where's it from?

Gazela Vinho Verde is produced by Sogrape, a family-owned, Portuguese winery.

Vinho Verde is crafted from smaller vineyards in the Vinho Verde region of Portugal. And like Champagne, Vinho Verde is a protected designation of origin (DOC). This means any wine labeled 'Vinho Verde’ must come from the Vinho Verde region, which has been producing wine for more than 2,000 years. Boom.

'Vinho Verde' means 'green wine.’ But not 'green’ the color, 'green’ as in 'young.’ Vinho Verdes are released 3-6 months after harvest, and best enjoyed about a year after release. So there’s no need to age Gazela – you can SEIZE THE VERDE™ straight away. #GazelYeah!

António Braga

Meet the winemaker:

António Braga

With a degree in Food Science from the Instituto Superior de Agronomia at Universidade Técnica de Lisboa, António brings expertise and exactitude to the creation of Gazela. He spends much of his time traveling the world in search of good wine and good food, and yes – we wish we had his job, too.

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